NASA's Kepler Mission Announces Largest Collection of Planets Ever Discovered

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I caught yesterday’s nearby transit. Handheld pic of sunspot, just below center, and Mercury, top-right near the solar limb. Eyepiece projection onto paper, just before end of transit. (Anyone else get a good shot?)


The planet collection was owned by noted plannet collector Zorflblax Venguloid, one of the omniverse’s most dedicated collectors of planets, planetoids, and planetessimals, whose expansive collection occupies the full basement in his mother’s spacious two-bedroom galaxy duplex. When asked if any of these planets contained intelligent life, Venguloid responded, “Of course not, that would mean I’d have to take them out of their original boxing, and we all know how much a planet is worth once it’s been used.”


Are they sure that no-one sneezed on the lens?

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one specialised spacecraft gave us all this exciting data about exoplanets. one spacecraft.

we should build some more.


We are not alone.

Some among many.

The real question is will we matter?

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I thought that was how the Great Green Arkleseizure brought all planets into existence…


The real answer:


Especially if we don’t get our shit together on this planet first.

I got distracted by the chicken and egg metaphor. Distracted, then confused, then irrationally angry.

I’m OK now, thanks for asking.


I couldn’t agree more.

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Dear God, that gigantic alien finger-ship is heading straight for the planet!!

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I matter to my family and friends. They matter to me. I think that’s enough mattering for anyone in that sense. Does it really matter if we matter to our cosmic neighbors?

I don’t know that it does.

Do we have anything to say that anyone else would care to hear about? I hope we do. :slight_smile:

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