NASA's Space Poop Challenge


A good round of food poisoning/rotavirus, a couple days on the toilet and I won’t deficate again for 5 days at least…


Can’t! Stop! Laughing!


I keep thinking this must have something to do with that $1500 toaster oven.


This happens to me naturally on camping trips. Biggest problem is that my bowels sense when Im about 25 minutes from returning home and reach peak urgency; bad enough riding in the car, makes me cry thinking about reentry!


¿The Aristocrats Aristonauts?


Nobody has posted this yet?


Reading comment threads about space poop during mealtimes would seem to me to be the source of your distress.


I was thinking more John Varley where we engineer a plant like symbiote which can live in vacuum. It recycles waste from the human body using solar energy and feeds it back as food.

But more seriously for sealing with fecal matter I would suggest a combination between an enema and a catheter. Turn the material into liquid while it is in the body and deal with it that way,


Those space suits gotta be a bitch to dryclean. How about a disposable paper space suit, with a waterproof neck band so you don’t cloud your vision, Sort of an all-over diaper. Then, to cleanup you dwell for a short while in a chamber where a laser burns the crap off you, with the added advantage of getting rid of unsightly body hair and dead skin… prollem solved. Next!


You mean, rather than making softer poo, make harder poo. Turn it into bricks, bound with glue.


Very good, I like it, but where’s the suit for the poo monkey? I spot a potential infinite regression here. It needs to be robotic.


Maybe I’m missing something obvious, here…but if they’re sealed in for up to six days, and, to quote from the “Information” section of the site, the astronaut “…cannot even scratch their nose…”, then how on earth do they eat? Drinking I imagine would be through some form of “Camelback” liquid reservoir - and the beverage could easily be nutrient-rich, but solids? On this basis, surely there’d be only a day’s worth of faecal evacuation, and the rest would be, err, a piece of piss to sort out. Must be missing something, here…enlighten me, collective mind of the Boing.


You could dispense solid food inside the helmet as well. The helmets used on Apollo missions had a one way valve arrangement so you could squirt water into the helmet for drinking. The same arrangement could be used to push a bar of food in as well.


Finally a job in my wheelhouse.


Supposedly the worst job at NASA was the guy who had to open up the Apollo capsule after 3 men had been holed up in there for a couple of weeks.


Occupational colostomy? Diapers may be temporary, but they seem to have worked well enough for my high school classmate.


Totally should call it the Space-X-crement challenge.


The cool kids are all using Unicorn Gold to cover your poo stank!


Dealing with the poo itself, and the consistency thereof does seem like step one. At least half of the budget for this work should be into designing the diet and intestinal microbiome that makes tidy, compact, no-wipers on a consistent basis. A a bonus, unless the two prove to be incompatible, the diet and biome should also make easily degradable waste that is usable in recycling systems. Genetic manipulation to generate a ruminant stomach should not be off the table.

Or just use fucking robots and VR* you decadent bastards.

*for the space travel, not waste management…


There’s no need for me to read the rest of this thread. Closing Boing Boing now.