Nathan Myhrvold-connected shell corporation forced to settle with victim


Walter White wouldn’t settle.

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Yeah. I’m not advocating this, but eventually a few of these guys are going to mysteriously end up dead… People can get desperate once six+ figures start coming into the picture.

I have it on solid authority the price of two broken legs is only a grand. If I ever looked at the dark web, which I would never do, I would probably be shocked at how cheap assassin services are. Picking one that’s not a trap is the hard part.

I guess I understand why Modernest Cuisine is such an expensive set of “cookbooks” now. I had no idea he was a notorious patent troll as well, but it’s not surprising. Once a con man, always a con man.

Hey, how else are Americans going to get Difference Engines funded if not for these modern robber barons?

Really, we all should be working together to social media the crap out of this. Marco is correct. It is imperative that the name Intellectual Ventures be used in the discussion, not Lodsys. I’m on it. You with me?


As someone who is trying to build a new and innovative product, (in this case, a type of camera), I find the current state of the patent world obscenely disgusting. It has achieved the exact opposite of its intended effect.

Just like the “war on drugs”.

Like the war on drugs, I expect corruption, lobbying, revolving doors, and the rest of our broken society to continue perpetuating this system until even people close to the perpretators themselves are thrown under the bus.

The whole thing is shameful. Nathan Myhrvold, you are happy now? I guess it’s easy to rationalize anything once you have built your nest of empty shell companies and logical-sounding soundbites.

Are you referring to Nathan Myhrvold’s firm Intellectual Ventures, or some other firm named Intellectual Ventures that was not founded by Nathan Myhrvold (Nathan Myhrvold, of course, being a prominent ex-MicroSoftie who has written cookbooks and founded the corporation Intellectual Ventures that engages in what some would patent-troll behavior).

Just want to make sure that we are talking about the right “Nathan Myhrvold” and the right “Intellectual Ventures” (which could also be referred to as “Nathan Myhrvold’s Intellectual Ventures”).

It IS an interesting cookbook, however. But you can do sous-vide in a styrofoam cooler, so, whatever.

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