Nation Park Service on the verge of blocking most White House protests: comments due by MONDAY!


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I got my comments in yesterday.

The form is really easy to use.

Just do it!

Dear Administrators:

I am deeply concerned about the proposed changes to the use of park areas, particularly in the District of Columbia.

The park areas of the nation’s capital have historically been a venue for protest by citizens concerned about government policy and cultural institutions. In our fast-moving times, it is essential for these areas to be made available on a timely basis for marches, rallies, and protests.

The proposed changes amount to a threat to free expression, which is protected by the first amendment to the constitution.

Stefan Jones,
Hillsboro OR


There is a COMMENT button at the top right hand side on the proposed regulation page from 1st link (I missed it at first.)


For those who wish to comment:


It’s especially egregious that they’re proposing to limit protesting around the monument to MLK Jr., since the proposed limits would prevent MLK Jr.'s famous march on Watchington.


Ah good. Rules to return to civility - where the peasants can’t protest the removal of their right to protest because of the removal of their right to protest!


I totally love that Oregon’s senator is getting the word out.


I wonder what what the NPS stance on guillotines is?



So just move the protests to in front of the Russian embassy. Same diff.


Comments will be considered a form of protest, and will not be allowed unless a permit for them is applied for and paid in advance.




as if they’ve considered anything said thus far


How did Oregon manage to get two excellent Senators? That’s cheating somehow!

eta: Do they steal all the sane ones from Wisconsin?


No concealed carry.



/puts butterfly-guillotine back in the drawer.


Thanks for posting this. I copied it verbatim, well except used my name. :slight_smile:


I got mine in too.


Who’d want to conceal something as fabulous as this:



“Guillotine: pour homme ou femme”