National Geographic on weed

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We have friends in Jerusalem who were able to get legal cannabis for epilepsy which was refractory and actually intensified by the Dilantin related meds. It took about three weeks for her four year old boy though it took some cajoling and bullying(justified) the HMO doctors and spending $500 going outside of the public health plan doctors for a second opinion.

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I’m not so sure that is true. But I can tell you one thing, “If you can’t count it, it’s not science” is not science.

Anyway, I do believe Nat Geo has been quite stoner-oriented for decades thanks to its photography.


“…he points to studies that suggest cannabis may trigger the onset of
schizophrenia among those who have a genetic predisposition to the

According to the scientists in the documentary The Culture High, this is misleading. It’s true that latent Schizophrenia can be triggered by a ‘precipitating event’ which could potentially be cannabis, but it could also be any number of other things, like a death in the family, bad car accident, etc. Also, with a steady rise in the use of cannabis, there is no correlating rise in reported schizophrenia cases. Anyway, even if cannabis did 100% of the time cause latent schizophrenia to manifest, it would still only affect about 1% of the population.


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