THC in marijuana reverses learning and memory problems in elderly mice

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This could be promising but I’ve learned to take health studies conducted on mice with a grain of salt ever since that paper in the New England Journal of Medicine that warned cat ownership is the #1 risk factor for early death.


Two close colleagues that got off Xanax and replaced with edibles for their anxiety attacks. On a plus side they share them with me, I never have anxiety, but I do like getting high, so there’s that.


I see we have a shill for the cat lobby here.

You won’t see me turn my back on those crafty bastards.


Well I must not be elderly yet, because it causes learning and memory problems in me.


Maybe this could help Jeff Sessions?


Man, I wish it would work for my memory prob…

Wait, what’s this about again?

Re: Memory problems - this really is my one beef with weed, is that it DOES cause issues for still developing brains. While I wouldn’t mind that weed was as legal as cigarettes, I just cringe at too many youth causing permanent damage. Though I would think the overall numbers of this were the damage is significant would be low. But we all know that one person who made weed his or her life at like 15 or so and it just left them permanently Chonged.

Though hey, might be good for grandma in the future. I keep having weed users tell me it would help me with my pain and sleeping, and back when I was really depressed and losing weight, my weight, but since it isn’t legal where I am, nor federally, and I can’t use it if I want to buy a gun and not lie, I am just going to keep using pharmaceuticals while being treated like an abuser.

Hey! We’re on to you old people trying to get weed into care facilities!

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Totally, man. Like, did you know, right, smoking weed actually makes you smarter? Like this one time I got blazed and went to a maths lecture and it was all like, woooooaaaah! Maths! It was like, all the numbers have different shapes, you know? I forget what the lecture was about but man, it was fucking cool. How do you square x anyway? X is already pretty square, when you think about it. It’s got like, four corners already. But only two sides. Lines, I mean. That’s fucked up, right? Two corners and four sides. How is that even possible? Maths is crazy shit.

What were we talking about?


I hated math and weed in HS (I filed both under: Hippy Shit.)

FF 20 years and I’m ripping the bong with Bowie while learning calculus in my free time.

Correlation may not equal causation, but some things definitely make others more enjoyable.

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I think somebody added something to your weed. :slight_smile:

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My justification now is hey, I didn’t go through a phase like that when I was a teen, so I’m entitled to indulge in my old age.


This is the first good news I’ve seen related to getting older in years.

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Truly, we are mice among men.

It said nothing about reversing racism, fascism or keeblerism.


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