Weed is even better for old folks' brains than we thought


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Can we make marijuana use compulsory for trumpies?


thats a waste of good weed


“Here’s a figure from the report that simplifies what’s going on”

So by simplify you mean going from what a PhD/MD would understand to what an MSc/advanced BSc would understand.


Geez, it’s right there in black and white (and colors), man. Get with the program! /s


This stuff is like some kinda miracle drug; it may be helpful in relieving everything from ibs and migraines to reversing actual damage to lungs from diseases like emphysema (not smoked, of course) and reversing damage to arthritic joints (pun not intended)


Is a lot simpler than that chart.

Even if you don’t know what “amyloid beta” is.


I would make an exception for late October and early November in an election year.


Almost every time I light up that very chart flashes into my brain…along with thoughts of great junk food cold coca cola, trippy music.


I was gonna say that Mark was a lot smarter at age 5 than I was.


Weed is even better for old folks’ brains than we thought



Good! I’m glad I started consuming it this year because of legality and … Trump.


You joke, but there is a lingering whiff of blinding-you-with-science in this kind of research, or rather, the reporting of it. I am sure that they have done sound work to verify the biochemistry described in the diagram, and it looks very impressive, but it is only meaningful to the tiny subset of scientists working on the specific molecules involved; for anyone else, the only purpose of reproducing it is to say “this is too complicated for you to try to drill into the headline claim”.

No one knows 99.999% of how events at the molecular level play out at the human scale, because you cannot observe living humans at anything like that level of detail. I doubt it is known for a fact whether “amyloid beta accumulation in nerve cells” is a necessary cause of Alzheimer’s, because there is no way to directly investigate stuff like that, and if it is a symptom, or unrelated, then this result probably won’t mean anything. The real value of this kind of science is in suggesting leads (“perhaps adding a methyl group here will inhibit process X, which we think has something to do with disease Y”), but the only way that becomes medically useful knowledge is to investigate those leads and see what happens.

(See also: any article stating that fMRI has “explained” something).


I wonder what quantities are ideal for combatting Alzheimer’s - like, are we talking getting zonked, or microdoses? And how often?

Disclaimer, after many years’ abstinence and a few years (basically since 2014) of going back and forth, I’ve decided pot is not good for my particular brain and am giving it a rest; however, I’d be interested in a scientifically defensible strategy for keeping Alzheimer’s at bay - there are few enough of them.




I’m hoping that after it’s been legal for a while people will start looking at dosing and delivery mechanisms more seriously. Like, if cannabis helps prevent or ameliorate Alzheimers, maybe people at risk can take a THC pill once a day with a dose that won’t leave them feeling stoned but will help their brains (and maybe their arthritis as well).

Since it’s been illegal so long we think of it too much in terms of the getting stoned part, when medically speaking, that is a (largely undesirable) side effect.


May not make it to polling places if you’re trippin’.


Are you bettering your old folk’s brain right now?


Guilty as charged.


There are already machines that can give a standard metered dose via inhalation.