National Geographic's first wildlife photos


Were they wrong? Today I think of National Geographic mostly as that magazine with the big glossy photos of exotic locales. Sure they have articles too, but the photos are the reason you buy the magazine.

Well, to be fair they were kinda right :wink:

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Read the articles, though. They really are some of the best glimpses into other cultures.

When I was around 6 years old my family moved us to an ancient farmhouse. The attic contained a comprehensive collection of NG’s from the 'oughts to the Sixties. As a six year old boy I found many of the included photographs titillating.


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The articles really can be amazing. How about Martin Cruz Smith riffing about modern Moscow? Still, the pictures are so damn good that it is kind of easy to overlook the text. For me, however, the true killer thing about National Geographic was/is the maps. In High School my bedroom was plastered with the recently released ocean floor maps, with a map of the moon on the ceiling for good measure. Those maps rock!

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