Nazi cache hidden behind a bookcase


“You wouldn’t have anything from the allied side?”

“No, no, that sort of thing wouldn’t interest me at all I’m afraid.”

sorry for the poor quality video, it was the only one I could find


It’s about 3:08


It belongs in a museum, with a p0wnie, behind a wall, behind a back dance parlor; because tortoises are endangered, and how else are you gonna know you went too far back? Not icky bean bags. It’s like Martha Stuart’s occasional shipment of a box from the Rattlesnakes with Aids Foundation (thanks, @Midnight winner Katee Sackhoff and AV Club E3 Guest Kristen Schall) to keep millions in peach marmalade from going missing.
Nick Cave to provide advice? Maybe put it in a clear kaleidoscope side to a barrel mulcher? Studio CLAMP parody merch (also by CLAMP?) Mokkona, you’re…on meth?


The brutally simplified definition of kitsch that I was taught in high school is “naturalistic idealism”. And that’s pretty much what nazi art was all about.


I was once at at “German American Festival” in Baltimore. After passing about the 20th stall filled with Hummel figurines and other stuff I said to the person that I was with “There’s a reason ‘kitsch’ is a German word.”


Funny, I thought the same of some of the Catholic church memorabilia. But that is for good instead of evil. Nazis lose.

Consider this thread God-Winned.

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