Nazi cache hidden behind a bookcase


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Here’s hoping interpol finds a museum for this stuff or just melts it all down for scrap metal. As much as it would be nice for the stuff to sit in an evidence locker, I fear some if not most of it would be stolen and used by neofascists. The world is a tinderbox right now for these Neo fascists and Neo Nazis. They don’t need any help expanding their brand. From the Nazis in Ukraine “Right Sector” to the Nazis in Greece to the Nazis that almost won the national election in Austria. The World is a scary place right now.



They have Top Men working on it now.


One thing that always baffels me is just how incredibly tacky this nazi crap is. Ideology aside its horrible, tasteless, tacky kitsch (the bad kind of kitsch). Just look at that Reichsadler with the marble pedestrial. Its hideous!


Top. Men.


“It belongs in a museum!”


Interesting thought. Do you think Is it kitsch, or is it it proto kitsch? Is what we call kitschy derived from what this stuff is?


Kitsch has German origins, but in the 19th century. This Nazi garbage is in that tradition, but with that special fascist patina of pseudo-classical style to add to the inauthenticity of it all.

I am somewhat glad that the objects that must be hidden behind bookcases in the West these days are Nazi memorabilia rather than families.


I was hoping you had found a secret book case, in the vicinity of the safe.


I’m just glad he did this before anyone else did:

Previously: found a locked safe hidden at the back of a closet in my new house




… not to be confused with


I’m betting Interpol consulted with William B.J. Blazkowicz, before they searched the collector’s house.


In truth, I was expecting a more impressive haul.


send to one of the holocaust museums, to remind people it was a real event.

also? i wanted to SEE the secret passageway. behind the bookcase

ALSO? how did they transport it all? this is not “put in your carry-on” kind of stuff


On a more serious note, there are several reasons why they could have traveled with all that stuff:

  1. After WII the world was in turmoil with huge amounts of displaced people.

  2. Reliable means of identification weren’t as ubiquitous.

  3. The hunt for Nazi war criminals was not very efficient (especially when judged by contemporary standards). It is also probable that many people carrying these were not war criminals but for example Wehrmacht soldiers or bureaucrats carrying their personal property.

  4. Trafficking of Nazi relics was very common after the war so carrying such stuff was perhaps not as alarming.

  5. There were, and are, a lot of Nazi sympathizers willing to help and house the fugitives.