NBA social media rogue torches it for poor treatment of workers

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I’m honestly a little surprised it’s that high.

“Social media worker”, particularly for an entity with a lot of star power, seems like it would just tick all the boxes for obtaining a steady stream of the naïve and starry eyed labor with years of experience engaging with social media to their own detriment under their belts; probably even better than do-gooding nonprofits or game development to undercompensate and make it up in passion.

Going by my dubiously scientific “ask glassdoor” method it does appear that the ‘social media’ positions are on the low end compared to more ‘traditional’ PR-flack job titles; it’d be very interesting to know how much that reflects different recruitment pipelines and expected qualifications; and how much it’s a reflection of ‘social media’ having all the prestige that an association with deeply unserious children and a somewhat pink-collar tinge can provide; while ‘PR’ or ‘Communications’ are treated as real careers.

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50K after taxes sounds pretty good to me for a job like this.

14 hours without breaks (not clear how often that happens) is not the least bit reasonable. 14-hour days suck even with proper breaks.


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