NBC airs Brian Williams interview with Edward Snowden




“A patriot would stand up in the United States and make his case to the American people.”

They edited out the part where he said “Right after we lock him up in solitary confinement for 6 months as our anti-terrorism laws allow”. /s

Edit: Really, Kerry’s doublespeak makes me sick to my stomach. Snowden leaked state secrets. While I believe this was good for the people and a just action in the philosophical sense, there is no question that it was absolutely illegal and our current government will eat him alive (almost, but not quite, litterally) before he’d have time to squeak.

Honestly, I wonder what kind of training and/or brainwashing happens at high-level of government to allow people like Kerry to utter such blatant lies.


… A patriot would stand up in the United States and make his case to the American people. …

  • J. Kerry

Well to go by history Mr. Kerry, and recent history at that, if he came back to the U.S., he wouldn’t be allowed to make his case to the American People. He would likely be jailed, for practical purposes indefinitely, in solitaire. Most of his “case” would likely not even be allowed in court much less in public. In other words, sadly, he can make his case much better to the American People from outside this “land of the free”. This argument coming from a man in Kerry’s position is either unbelievable naive or an incredibly cynical attempt to push an agenda.


I agree, that really is sickening.


On NBC Today, Secretary of State John Kerry calls that “dumb.” For a supposedly smart guy, that’s a pretty dumb answer, frankly. If Mr. Snowden wants to come back to the United States today, we’ll have him on a flight today.

Yes, John Kerry. Snowden is the dumb one. Not you.


Honestly, I wonder what kind of training and/or brainwashing happens at high-level of government to allow people like Kerry to utter such blatant lies.

Wonder no more…


Seriously? Suggesting anyone should “man up” is still appropriate?


Followed by a rigged trial and a life sentence at ADX Florence, a prison that the UN and human rights organizations believe is psychologically torturing its inmates.


“If Mr. Snowden wants to come back to the United States today”"… he didn’t say he wanted to come back to the US. he said he was trying to get to latin america and his passport was revoked, leaving him stranded in Russia. Am i the only one noticing this disconnect…


Also, yeah what he did was illegal. I don’t disagree with that. He’ll either remain out of the country or he’ll be prosecuted and convicted within. But the information he leaked, revealing the illegal junk our government is doing, is much more valuable to the public than one guy in jail. That should be the real story here. Focusing on the personal story of Snowden is missing the real point. The government illegally collected personal data on millions of americans without warrants… that’s the real news here.


I don’t have to say it because most of think it, the evidence Snowden revealed has improved our lives and the security of the nation. Now if we can only stop what is being done to us. We will stop this sooner or later.

NBC, Brian Williams, the “analysts”… what a bunch of weasels. And the governments responses… a complete joke. The only people with no where else to hide are the ones at the top and those formerly in the shadows.


Blam! Bitch puddin.
(And I was really here to comment on US govt perfidy, damn)


How do you ask a politician to be the last man to lie for a mistake, Mr. Kerry?


I don’t think it’s any big mystery. They get baboozled by existential threats.

“Mr.President, these files contain dossiers on more than 1,000 artificial viruses created by the US military biological program, any one of which can destroy all human life on Earth. More than half of them have been lost, stolen, or sold on the black market, and we have no idea who has them. There’s only one way to stop it… give us total autonomy and free authority. It’s so important that some friendly contractors might even plant a false flag attack and blame it on Democrats gutting the National Security apparatus, especially the first black President, whose middle name is Hussein. Maybe, I don’t know… how about Anthrax.”


I find fewer things more disgusting and repulsive than the bile spewed from Kerry’s mouth. I have literally no hope that the Democrats will produce anything more than a slightly less bigoted version of what the Republicans will vomit forth into this world during the primaries. Barring a surprise insurgency from within the Democratic party with an actual honest to god anti-police state candidate, I think the democrats are going to get gutted in the upcoming elections. Shit like the bile spewing out of Kerry’s mouth is easily the most disheartening kind of filth that someone with even vague liberal leanings can hear. I think a lot of liberals who generally vote democrat are going to be so gutted by this sort of talk, that lefty votes are going to slump. When elections are decided by 2-6% margins, it doesn’t take much damage to your base before you are fucked.

Blah. I’m kind of glad I live in a state where my vote literally doesn’t count, so it doesn’t matter who I vote for. I’ll vote third party or simply hand in a blank ballot.


I am nervous typing this message. Even as I type these words I imagine the possibility of someone watching on the other side; as small as that possibility is, I know. The Edward Snowden Interview with NBC provoked a merited response. I, earlier, decided not to discuss my thoughts of this interview online out of fear. The fear was at most irrational and at least understandable; given the hyper-plausible accounts and believable sincerity of Snowden. But here I am, wanting to partake in some ether-community of dialogue on the subject. Because; if I don’t, do I deserve it(freedom)? I no longer felt I do.


PS. John Stewart would have been a better interviewer.


6 months? We would never see him again. He would get the full Chelsea Manning treatment for sure.


He would be held in solitary and interrogated endlessly until broken. No doubt. It would not be like Orange is the New Black. It would be brutal. No sane person would desire that outcome. Let’s do this to all the people who throw out the words coward and traitor and see how pious and patriotic they feel afterward.


Go third parties. The nice thing about tight margin contests is that if a major party loses a lot of votes to a third, it doesn’t take too many to make a party question what they’re lacking in their platform. Now to get our elected politicians to follow campaign promises.