Nebula Award swept by record number of women writers

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I guess I’m not much of a SJW. When I saw the list, I only noticed was that all of the winners were very good.


Congrats to the all the winners!

Also (for a joke, of course)!


Is that Charlize Theron in that gif or a stand-in? I can’t unsee it as looking like another actress.
What color is the dress?

As it’s a gif from Fury Road (I assume you mean the one on the story, not mine), I do believe it’s Theron.

Same here. I remember the scene and I know it’s her (and why would they use a stand-in there in the first place, and not swap Theron’s face in?) but for whatever reason it looks like someone else.

I’m almost tempted to find a Sad/Rabid Puppies forum just to gleefully watch them melting down.



Do you think they are planning a similar thing now for the nebulas that they’ve done with the Hugos? Does the process work similarly, voting by members for the Nebulas?

(I counter sad puppies with grumpy cat’s!)


You have to be a member of the SFWA to vote in the Nebulas, and you have to have sold two stories to pro markets to join SFWA. So they can’t exert influence beyond their proportional representation among writers.


Mindy, I’ve got a better one for you. You’ll love it, it’s classic.

Also congratulations to all the winners, and an even bigger congrats at the higher female representation.


I agree.

So here’s two possibilities:

  • This is the first year in the history of science fiction in which a lot of women wrote good stories; or

  • All the years in which women were unrepresented or underepresented among the Nebula winners are evidence of systematic bias

Which one is more likely?


Another possibility: there were no good submissions by male authors.

Personally, I lean toward the possibility of systemic bias. I also suspect this year’s slate of winners may be a conscious effort to address that bias. I applaud the organization, even if the effort is long overdue.

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Here’s hoping the people in charge don’t go ‘mission accomplished’ and try going back to business as usual rather than go ‘well this shows we’ve kinda been acting under a lot of biased information even if we weren’t consciously aware of it.’

I welcome a fairer more impartial field so we get actual metrics rather than over representation from the white male demographic. IE ‘oh hey you’ve been starting out fifty yards ahead during the race. time to put you back on the same field as everyone else. Now then, let’s see how the race goes this time.’

Now I have to wonder, what writers have been getting missed out over the ecades simply because they weren’t born white/male? Additionally, how many of those authors have material as ebooks I can snap up?

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The Puppies will be saying things like “See, we told you the EVIL SJWs would get GIRL COOTIES all over science fiction once Scalzi let them seize power! One of us is the finest writer working in science fiction today and they didn’t even nominate him!”

You can go read their ranting if you want, but whatever you do, don’t keep one of those bingo cards that makes you take a drink whenever they say something on it, or if you have to do that to be willing to dive in to their forum, make sure it’s only beer and you’ve only got a six-pack of America, so you limit the potential damage to your liver and keyboard.


You have to be a member of the SFWA to vote in the Nebulas, and you have to have sold two stories to pro markets to join SFWA

Charlie Stross had a theory that the point of Voxman’s vanity press was to allow him to allow him to give right thinking drones the qualification needed to join the SFWA. I think their rules would find it easier to disqualify such sales than Hugo rules would.

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“feminist action film Mad Max: Fury Road).”

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