Need a boop


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Awwww, c’mon here, sweetie…



I’m gonna worry about that dog all day. Wondering if anyone pet him and assured him he is a good boy.


Did someone snuggle him and give him treats? Did they??


I give him two boops!



I never get to the frontpage. But then, while I can look like a dog, I don’t have the looks.

It’s a dog’s life.

Now, please forgive me that I chewed on this while I currently try to hold it together. :dog2:


I clicked on the dog’s nose but nothing happened. I expect the server’s very busy. I have just had another go using the touchscreen on my chromebook. Still no response. Maybe it’s broken. Or maybe it’s just a picture of a dog. I’ll just give it one more go…



D’awwwww!! Goggie!!!




The Yugoslav Booposlav!


I could sure go for a good boop.

From Ben the Dog! Get yer mind out of the gutter, you monsters!


We’re trying. You won’t let go! :wink: [I know staring at the stars gets distracting. (was that a double entendre? {I can’t even tell what’s innuendo anymore…})]



“Boop if you must, but stay away from the monkey.”




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