A Gift for You From Jacob Frey


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This one bears repeating


Success with teh feelz, fo sho. Think the Lays product placement paid for it?


Nice, very nice indeed!


I was peeling onions while I watched…honest.




f**cking onions.


last week you terrify me with the turtle’s mouth. This week you break me down into an emotional puddle with this. What’s next BoingBoing?! How can you possibly bring me lower? What more can you take away from me?


Co-workers…they bring in onions and cause me to cry at things on Boing Boing…


ever visited the BB Store?


This movie was awesome last week too!


I am waiting on my latest two purchases to ship. :laughing:


Saw that a while back.

Dogs heal what hurts.


Cats do a fair job too. Had one that always knew when I was down. She’d come up and be a cuddlesome purr-machine. Alas she has gone to the litter box in the sky.


Probably not, those were Lets potato chips.


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