Dog happy to see her human companion return after a six-month absence




If that’s not evidence that animals can “love” then I don’t know what is. Very very touching.


My dog would have just pee’d all over me. I guess that’s love of some sort.


Ah man, that’s cute.

When we go out for even half an hour, our little dachshund makes a sound like we’re in the middle of torturing her, it’s freaky as hell. Because she’s actually quite visibly excited to see us, jumping around and licking and all that, but the whining and wailing… we find it very cute, but I’m quite sure our neighbours think we’re gutting her.


… and she’s going to tell you all about it.


[Roughly Translated]: I thought I’d never see you again! Ever ever ever!


I’m currently dogsitting my parents’ 15 year old lab for a week while they are away. I’m also using a truck of theirs for some yard work. Every time I pull into the driveway with the truck she absolutely breaks down - the same kind of yelping and agonized ‘where have you been?’. It breaks my heart to tell her it’s just me, enough do that I’ve started parking the truck down the street a little.


I am so grateful my cat doesn’t do this.


That’s probably even worse they can hear the truck a mile away. Now, they’re wondering why their owners have abandoned them and moved a few blocks away and left them alone.


“We’ll eat you up we love you so!”


Well, she’s 15 and fairly deaf at this point, so just the lack of visual is enough.

Time for my favourite quote. "Strive to be the person your dog thinks you are""

When I returned once after a long absence, my cat looked at me and walked over to where my cds (NOT my housemate’s cd) were and, looking at me the entire time, squatted and peed on them.

If that’s not evidence animals can be vindictive jerks, then I don’t know what is.

(We made up shortly after incident, though.)




You’re lucky she didn’t find your shoes.


This dog definitely said “I love you”, well, “I wuw woo” to be precise, but he got the point across.


“You’re back!.. You’re back!” @0:28

“I love you!.. I love you!” @0:53, @1:32

[Did you miss me?] “Yeesssss!” @1:04


Good ear! I wonder if there are say, videos of people returning to their dogs in France after a long absence and if it is possible to hear some semblance of the language in the dogs’ exuberant greetings.


Or just “Hey! Hey!”

With meaningful intonations.


OK, I’ll admit it: I’m such a sap sucker for these videos. They always make me tear up.


Don’t apologize for your empathy. the world would be a much better place if more people shared that trait.