Moving short animation about a boy and his three-legged puppy


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Have to watch later. I knew a 3 legged dog. He got around ok.


A Pixar-ish animated short that sets out to be “touching” and succeeds completely, despite how many of these you’ve seen before.


That definitely missed the mark for me


I am a sucker for pathos inducing puppies


Pow! Right in the feels.


Works even if one has seen this one before…


goddamn kids can’t shut the goddamn door



Was his name Skippy?


Okay, I’ll say it first, I teared up.


What kind of monsters amputate a puppy’s leg just to teach their kid some twee life lessons? Sick bastards!


The twee life lesson was a just a happy side-effect; little tripod is an adorable by-product of the lucrative puppy foot aphrodisiac industry.


Uh vimeo… Always have problems viewing vimeo on my iPhone. Most of the time I end up looking for the same video on youtube. Some of the time i end up never watching the video at all. Which is a shame…


OK, you just killed me. :slight_smile:


OK, make me cry!


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