Need security as well as speed? Here's our guide to picking the right VPN

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Never forget, your privacy stops where the encryption stops. In this case, the VPN provider you choose. There is absolutely nothing stopping any of them from tracking your DNS requests and any other traffic in the clear. If all you’re doing is streaming or torrenting, that’s not a big deal, but if you really need anonymity, use TOR.

Personally I’m OK enough with my home ISP to run OpenVPN to my router with DNS-over-TLS. Everything uses SSL these days. That’s good enough to hide from whatever snooping my wireless provider and/or random wifi networks try to do. I also have the ability to be on my LAN from anywhere, which is what VPNs are really meant for.

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I use PureVPN , pay about $45 CAD a year… s’allright I guess. Speeds are good enough too, I don’t hammer my broadband… a few torrents and YouTube… maybe some sites my mom wouldn’t approve of (…no mother would approve actually). I’m not trying to geo-fake anyone, in fact being shown as a user from Uzbekistan causes problems like showing wrong the currency, I can’t access , Google & Zoho keep barfing security warnings. Sigh.

I would trade lower torrent speeds for a more localized surfing experience tho. My subscription is up in October so time to plan the next step.

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