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ubiquitousness of mobile phones which are also mobile video and audio recorders we now have more than enough evidence to prove what has been asserted for decades, to demonstrate clearly what has heretofore been treated as speculation, to show to any who have eyes held open to the light of truth, that our police forces are as much a danger to the public they supposedly serve as the putative criminals they are supposed to be protecting us from through their callous disregard for human life. and not only that, but the ways in which they disregard the public safety is so consistent as to be an inherent part of their training with only a minority of police forces receiving training which evinces a consistent high priority for the lives of both the public in general and any suspect in their crosshairs. to be offended by casual assertions excusing the actions of police who killed someone who was of little danger to them as long as they stayed more than 3 or 4 meters away from them is not the result of some kind of inquisition but is instead the natural reaction of anyone who is repulsed by the needless taking of life and collaterally repulsed by those excusing that kind of police conduct. it isn’t a failure to condemn every police action that is the problem here, it is the active attempt to excuse the inexcusable. at this point in our history there is no one putting the police in a less charitable light than the police themselves.

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