I'm all out of likes for the day


Maybe it’s all you all’s fault, people! Stop being so awesome and giving me so much to like!!!


Welcome to [the club] (Waaaah! I've got my daily limit on likes! [post your own]), late bloomer.


Too bad your likes don’t get refilled when other people like your comments/posts!

I suppose there is a potential to game the system with multiple accounts if this was allowed though…I’m sure @codinghorror will tell me what a horrible idea that was. :slight_smile:


I’d be happy to lend you some of mine (if that was possible), because I need to tear myself away from here for a bit and finish some book readin’.


I feel ya! I sometimes have the same problem!

Wait! I was just able to like both you, @OtherMichael and @redesigned? What’s happening? I WAS TOLD I WAS OUT OF LIKES?!?


Maybe the like count is a true 24hr tally and some of your previous likes just crossed the 24hr threshold?


I don’t know… I’m so confused. I’m glad I can like stuff again though! It’s so freeing!


Do they stick around after a page reload?


Is a rolling 24 hour period, that’s why we see seemingly random numbers of hours to wait.


Yes, they seem to.


Looks like you took the red pill, Neo.


What are you thinking of?


There may also be kindly demi-commenters who bolster like limits of favoured individuals? Actually, that’s probably not how it works.


Perhaps a new badge is in order: Omni-likable. You will receive likes even from those whose ration has expired!


Or how about “Mikey” for people who like everything!


@Like, are you a bot?


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