What's the point of like caps?


“You’ve reached the maximum number of likes today. Please wait 48 minutes before trying again”
Is there some kind of like-spamming this is guarding against?
Is this to save us from ourselves when we waste too much time here when we should be living our lives as good productive citizens?
Is it a dark secret we must never know?

Waaaah! I've got my daily limit on likes! [post your own]
Like Strike part II
Post your Pet or animal Pics

Because they’re, like, finite?


I’d like this if I were able to.


There, I took care of it for you.


Also the word ‘today’ is jarring, since the block lasts for 48 minutes at which point you get a tiny handful more to carefully squander before the cap intrudes again.



Do you know what sort of monsters some of us would be, with grossly distended thumbs and hypertrophied veins pulsing behind bleary eyes as we tried to LIEK ALL TEH POTZ!


I found this over there
I’m at #13. I guess I’m a little profligate with likes. I vow to be more chaste and less easy with my like.



Access Denied
while trying to load /t/id_for/suggestion-to-increase-the-like-limit-for-those-of-us-who-are-regular-no-poop-jokes-pls

Today is a day of many harsh limits.


I know that unfettered liking could lead to Trust Level gaming.

Maybe @codinghorror has something to say about that, but it’s also possible that I’ve bugged him too much already today. :slightly_smiling:


There’s no shame in liking freely. Spread the love.

And the more threads you read, the more likes you need in the bucket to throw around, naturally.


It is @codinghorror’s polite way of telling you to get the hell up from your desk and do something not computer related for awhile. :slightly_smiling:



I don’t know whether to like that or not.


I know, right? It’s like that creepy animated body assembling itself. Uncanny valley?


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Should discussion topics be automatically closed after 5 days?

The good new is the release will be out next week and I’ll be busy at work again without as much time to slack off on the internet.
Wait, that’s not good news.


Mine doesn’t have a point.


You need one of these:


Phrygian Caps, like the one Papa Smurf and the others wear, have an interesting history: