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I think capping likes is like capping letters in the alphabet or words.

Likes are an expressive signifier that tend to support the virtual trust needed for polite discourse. (I heard it.)

Like (heard that too) gifs and emojis and letters and words, the fullest range of civil expression ought to be supported.

Sorry I wasn’t able to participate in the earlier conversations.

I don’t recall that this particular point was clearly raised for consideration.


I think that for all intents and purposes likes are effectively unlimited now.


Well then … my work here is done. :slight_smile:


2000 per rolling 24-hour period.

Some people might argue whether or not that is “effectively unlimited” but I shall remain mute for further discussions.

Also - let’s not talk about like-caps anymore?


No talk, just look…


I like caps too! :smile:





There is a cap of 26 letters in the English alphabet.


I diſagree wiþ þat aſsertion.






There is a cap convention of 26 letters in the English alphabet.


Well, if someone decides to test the convention by adding 8000 letters over a few days, they shouldn’t be too surprised when someone gets irritated and calls for the cap to be reimplemented.


No love for Ȝ?


I don’t go to conventions due to the expense, so I have no frame of reference here.


Seems sometimes like someone is always irritated about something … like a cranky shire barrister in the 1070s who grew up speaking flawless Old English. :slight_smile:


Fun fact: Here at my school in China, despite my remonstrances, my school insists on teaching the long s as an “f.”