A Non-Market Solution for Likes


Down with Capitalism!

From each according to their remaining likes to each according to their things that need likes.

  1. Run out of likes
  2. Find something that needs to be liked
  3. Post link here
  4. A comrade will like the post

☭ Sup Marxists? ☭
Free market for Likes?

Comrades, we will bring cheer and joy to those who have gone through their daily ration of likes! Let us allow our likes to be like a raging river that will break through the dam of capitalism to free the imprisoned and unliked comments!

☭ Sup Marxists? ☭

I’m currently out of likes, can someone please like the following three posts for me?:


I have you covered, comrade.


Thanks! I’d like your comment, but I’m currently out of likes.


I gave it a like for you, comrade.


Thanks! I’d like your comment, but I’m currently out of likes.

######Okay, I’ll stop with the meta-ness now… Although, we are in the #meta category…


Liked for you. Let the cycle continue.


As likes are abundant, and cost nothing to the end user, they represent the transition to a second stage society:


I liked the things that needed a liking-by-proxy as well, and even got to like one that was at a nine :pushpin: , which I especially like :smile:

everybody wins

:pushpin: 24’s and 49’s are like a nice delicacy in comparison. nom-nom-nom.


@Humbabella for glorious leader!

Clearly @codinghorror is enforcing an artificial scarcity. Viva la revolución respectueux!


From Capitalism, Consumer Culture and Social Wellbeing: (Frowny Face):

[A]s the impossible hamster and its message of finite planetary limits demonstrate, there are real and obvious limitations to growth – and therefore to the growth-for-development model --, making the collapse of the system inevitable, along with the development strategies it employs. However, in our ongoing round of economic musical chairs, “as long as the music’s playing, there’s no loser”, and the entrenched interests of the powers that be have a vital stake in ensuring that we as a global humanity become aware of this reality as late in the game as humanly possible.

Bottom line: we’re all screwed if Likes aren’t countably infinite.


Super cute, albeit borderline criminal misrepresentation of modern economic growth models.

{this message paid for by Apes for Princess Pricklepants}


Like cycle?


So you are arguing against uncountably infinite likes?


Yes. If that were allowed, any one comment could accumulate unlimited Likes, and the Like counter would prevent any other comments from being displayed on phones.


Well they’re no good at conventions they just hog all the hotel rooms.


Fractional Reserve Liking: When one of your posts gains a like, your account gets credited with 5 additional likes to hand out. But the likes only last 30 days and must be repaid with interest. A central liking authority bot randomly likes posts on the BBS in order to seed capital and act as a quantitive easing / inflationary mechanism. Also, we need a mechanism to skew the like allocation so that the top 0.1% of commenters have the same number of likes as the bottom 50%. Get to work…


Isn’t that how it works now? :wink:


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