The 24-Hour Likes Fast (aka 'The Game No One Wants To Play')


Go 24 hours without giving a like while still reading and contributing to BB discussions. Then share your misery experience here. If you falter before reaching 24 hours, link the comment that shattered your resolve.
Backstory: in response to my expressed puzzlement as to how running out of likes would discourage anyone from continuing to contribute to BB discussions, @tropo challenged me to go 24 hours without giving a like.

The first sixteen? Easy. The last eight? A progression from ‘sorta’ to ‘kinda’ to ‘pretty much’ to ‘seriously’ to ‘I-have-so-much-love-to-give’ frustrating. I kept up my usual reading and replying but those heartstrings were feeling pretty taut towards the end.

So to you, @tropo, a toast. :coffee: Let the misery begin.

Like Strike part II

Tried it, couldn’t do it, took a break instead.


does it count if i gave no likes for 36 hours during the strike


No, this excludes anything that could be construed as (and only as) a ‘like’.


T’wouldnt be prudent.


Already did it!

Where’s my cake?


Already did it, too. Hated it.


Honestly, I found it MASSIVELY easier to not like any post – because I wasn’t engaging at all on the forum in any way – than when I kept running out around 3 times a day when I was responding regularly.


In the cake thread, of course!


Me too. I had never run out of Likes before, so going without Liking this weekend was a new thing for me. It was hard and no fun.


No cake. Only misery.


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