Neo-Nazi mass murderer Anders Breivik hopes for parole after 10 years


Sheesh, I’m surprised they let him virtue signal to his fellow shitheads like that, furthering his role as a martyr in the process.

Why not disallow such signage and keep his hands cuffed? Is it a freeze peach thing?


I don’t see it as a punishment, per se. They simply have nothing to offer society by continuing to live, and are so vile that they could never re-enter it safely. So just end it.

One could argue making them live out their decades in a concrete cell is cruelty for the sake of enacting some sort of “punishment”. But then again there are cases where the acts weren’t as egregious to warrant death, but they also can’t re-enter society safely. So what else are you going to do?

But again, I am ok with allowing people who commit these egregious acts to rot in prison, so that the death penalty can’t be used as a leverage tool for confessions nor used on innocent people.

He committed this attack with every expectation he would get taken down by police in the process.

Killing him now wouldn’t just be a bad idea because governments can’t be entrusted with the death penalty, it would be a bad idea because it would be giving him exactly the martyrdom he sought in the first place.


We’ve had this discussion on the BB boards before…
He did get the maximum punishment, which was 21 years for murder. That was the maximum sentence available to the judges at the time the crime was committed. This is not being extended.
What is going to be extended is his detention. The detention is a preventative measure to protect society against potential harm. It is not, in a sense, a matter of going back and re-evaluating the crime and then re-adjusting the punishment.

The Nordic countries are very much one-size-fits-all, there isn’t much scope to to make special laws or rulings in invidividual cases. I gather that this can seem off putting to some people from the English speaking world where judges and politicians typically have more leeway to set examples.
But to this Nordic person at least, the idea of having a committee sit down and make special decisions for his prison conditions, what food he deserves to eat and so on, actually feels way more offensive to me than just throwing the standard prison treatment at him (which in Norway is fairly good I know). Just making him into a tiny, bland mediocre person, stuck for life a boring but fully functional institution is perhaps the greatest damage we can do to his legacy.


On this podcast, which was otherwise pretty engaging, one of the speakers mentions that John Hanson Robert Hanssen is currently catatonically bored, pacing day in and day out, in his prison cell.

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Because an endless sentence without hope of release is inhumane and torturous. The European Court of Justice got that one right.

Also, very few geriatric prisoners are a threat to anyone and keeping them incarcerated is simply an expensive exercise in petty cruelty. (Of course this doesn’t keep people from being incarcerated after they are no longer a threat, can happen anyway for political reasons, as we saw with Mr. Newsom and Ms. van Houten.)

And as a practical matter the abolition of the death penalty, in the US at least, has given district attorneys to pursue and elected judges to impose ever-more life sentences as a means of polishing up their “Ooh! Look at me! Look how tough on crime I am! Marvel at the purposeless suffering I bring into the world!” credentials.


(It’s a SF premise/thought experiment)

Of course. it’s far too premature to speak of Breivik’s sentence as cruel.

Norway is too kind and gentle for my taste Four months per child for killing children seems far too lenient.

These discount rates for mass murder are an insult to the dead.


The current and previous gen consoles effectively require internet to be usable in any way. You can function offline for short periods of time, but eventually it requires a check-in to re-check the account(s) and game license(s).

So that means he’s either on a shit modern console, or some older one which might not be too bad. In the latter case, I hope it’s a Wii with all shovelware.

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People have floated the idea off and on. Iain Banks wrote a book where it’s a major plot element.

Yet people wonder why I want to rip the entire concept of ‘retribution’ from the noosphere, burn the roots, and make it as acceptable to advocate as any infamous and universally condemned past atrocity you care to name.


Wasn’t there an Outer Limits episode about that?


It’s not about the dead.

It’s about keeping the society safe from people like Breivik in the future. The dead are dead. No amount of sentence will change that, but a small sentence MAY endanger society.


I can only hope that he serves the maximum number of years that they can legally hold him and on the day of his release he accidentally falls down the stairs and hits his head.

Perhaps he shouldn’t be allowed to graduate unless he passes a test on the Ruhnama.

Or, since he hates “cultural Marxism”, perhaps a compulsory course on Marxism-Leninism would be suitable.

As I’ve said before, once a Nazi, always a Nazi.

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He had a laptop when he was in Ila Prison, but that ended when he was moved to Skien. I don’t know how he did his online classes at UIO without internet access.

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I’ve always loved this expression, although when I say it it ends with “…and see which one fills up first.” My spouse, on the other hand, absolutely hates it.


, the U.S. founding father and president of the American Continental Congress? I’d say that boredom is the least of his problems.

yikes. What a mistake.

I meant, Robert Hanssen.

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