Neo-Nazi mass murderer Anders Breivik hopes for parole after 10 years

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He’s not going to get parole. There’s absolutely no sign that he’s any less of a mass-murdering far-right fuckwit.


As my wife’s family says in such situations: it’s good to want things.

In this case it’s extra good that he hopes for parole. That will make him suffer all the more when he never gets it.


Norway officially abolished the death penalty in 1979. (Ironically, that’s the year Breivik was born.)
In practice, though, the last execution took place in 1948, and that was for war crimes.

If Breivik was to get executed, there would be an uproar, because we would see it as him getting off lightly.

21 years of jail and 5 additional years of renewable custodial sentence is technically the longest punishment permissable under Norwegian law. The renewable cusodial sentence can be exended by additional 5 years at a time for as long as the prisoner is still deemed a danger to society, which will be evaluated at each 5 year interval.

So in 2033, such an evaluation is likely to return a verdict of him still being a danger to society. Same in 2038 and 2043. When it comes to evaluations in 2048, 2053, 2058, and every fifth year onward, however, factors that tend to come with natural aging of humans do play a part. If he at some. point loses physical and/or mental abilities that would be required for him to retain in order to remain a danger to society, he might be let out, but would instead be “incarcerated” in a nursing home. In theory.
In practice, nobody wants to see their loved ones in same nursing home as him, so the prison service might need to build their own nursing facilities around him, and hire nursing staff for his end of life care.

Thus, the onus is on the ones who evaluate him every time, to keep in mind the very reason he’s incarcerated in the first place. Everyone knows about 22/7, and it’s being taught about in schools already, because we must not forget. After all, it’s the worst crime committed on Norwegian soil since WW2.


He most likely knows he isn’t going to get anything. These formal procedures are just a narcissist’s desperate attempt to remind the world that he still exists. Feel free to ignore.


Norway knows how to handle its murderous fascists. Lock them up under humane conditions for as long as possible and deny them a place in society. The U.S. should take note.


I wouldn’t wish our prison system (US) on anyone but maybe this is a little much for this particular prisoner.

From the article linked to…

Breivik has three cells to himself in the high-security wing of Skien prison. The cells are equipped with video game consoles, a television, a DVD player, electronic typewriter, newspapers and exercise machines. He also has daily access to a larger exercise yard. Rosenqvist said his conditions are “excellent” and that he has been given the opportunity to pass his high school exams and is now studying at university level.


Presumably he is not allowed to have anything considered to be a computer.


At the very least, you gotta hope that they are giving him the shittiest video games, the most mind-numbingly stupid movies and only the Jacobin* newspaper while making him study what Nazi Germany was really like at university level.

*Not making fun of the Jacobin. It’s just the kind of news that he really needs to be reading.


Breivik isn’t even trying to get out. Making a nazi salute in court is hardly the way to show he is reformed. He just uses the trial as a way to spread his propaganda.


So this is how a civilised country ensures a person is no longer a threat to society, doesn’t turn them into a martyr or destroys its own morality in the process of delivering justice.

The British tabloids and Tories would go crazy if they knew this was how Norway treats the worst people in the world.

I like Norway.


As long as this Nazi scumbag is locked away from contact with the rest of society until he croaks I’m fine with it.


Studying Nazis at any level would be pretty rewarding to a Nazi. Personally, I’d recommend that the DVDs contain every episode of Mr Rogers’ Neighborhood (or a Norwegian equivalent). As to most of his treatment, providing him (or anyone for that matter) access to an exercise yard and an education seems like basic human dignity. Living in such the bubble of permanent incarceration for most (if not all) of his life (without the possibility of meaningful interactions with most of society) seems pretty appropriate. He can’t act, and he can’t influence others. He is a living symbol of what he’s done, visible to everyone forever (rather than a martyr, getting to spread influence in death). We get to watch him grow old. Alone.


Mr. Breivik can shit in one hand and wish in the other and see which one comes true.


Yes, the bastard (or his lawyers) knows that while he can try, he ain’t getting nuthin’. I mean, look how he appeared at the hearing:

(from The Guardian: Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik appears before parole hearing | Anders Breivik | The Guardian)

really not the look of someone who wants to convince everyone that’s “he’s no longer a danger to society”.
Looks more like some macabre kind of trolling, which I devoutly hope it’s going to contribute to his remaining in the clink forever.


And not just any random youngsters. That summer camp was organized by the Worker’s Youth League, a political youth organization that serves as an entry point into politics for social-democrat-minded young people.

Breivik’s goal wasn’t just random terror, he set out to assassinate the next generation of progressive political leadership in Norway.




See, when I say I am not morally against the death penalty when used against people clearly guilty of egregious acts, this is an example I am talking about.

The fact we can’t trust the state to get it right every time means letting garbage like this continue to breathe. It sounds like they will extend his sentence. Though kind of odd that 21 is the maximum - but that can be extended? So, uh, why make that the “maximum” if it actually is not?

He will serve out his years (which can be extended) in a three-room cell with a TV, exercise room, and “Ikea-style furniture.”

Wow, sounds like a hotel compared to US prisons.

He might as well ask for a pony while he’s at it.


Death in and of itself is not a punishment. Literally everyone dies.

Not everyone has to spend many decades in prison first. I see no reason to shorten that sentence in this case.