Anders Breivik threatens hunger strike over "torture" of only getting a PS2




Just be glad that you are dealing with Norwegians, Anders…


The dreary fuck wit murdered 77 people, I don’t think one should expect anything but egomania from him.


I can never figure out how Rayman’s bandanna stays on.


I assume prisoners have the same problems with newer consoles that deployed military people have: shitty or non-existent internet access.


I support his hunger strike, and would be willing to lend a foot for his throat if he needs help when his willpower fades.


Replace PS2 with Atari and a glued-in copy of ET.


The Norwegians should step up here. Recreate conditions in the prisons run by the Nazis he respects so much.


It’s interesting that he’s not allowed to play the same games as other inmates. I guess because of how inappropriate it would be to have him to play a first-person shooter.


I assume this is an American prison? It’s kind of inhuman.

I think also we should understand in this discussion that in Norway (and I think the other Nordic countries), the focus is on reintegration into society and in general, they have a much lower recidivism rate and a much higher success rate at reincorporating former criminals back into society–the example of Breivik or say Varg Vikernes tend to be outliers. They also have lower crime rates, overall.

I guess it all depends on what you think the criminal justice system is for - just punishment, a combination of punishment and reform, or just for reform and reintegration into society…

Also, can’t help it:



Yeah, ADX Florence. It’s a bit of a poster child for ‘creative interpretations of the scope of the 8th amendment’. Not that the US correctional system really emphasises ‘correction’; but this is one of the locations that mostly deals in lifers and non-muslim terrorists, and so is freed from even pretending to be about anything other than warehousing people the courts won’t let them kill.

(Also, not that it matters much more broadly, isn’t Vikernes a substantially different caliber of offender? He killed one close associate, and probably committed some arson, and has done nothing since release save making the french vaguely nervous, in an incident that seems to have gone silent after they heroically seized enough .22 rifles to equip an atypically tiny boy scout troop. Guy is still an asshole; but that’s not really a criminal justice problem.)


Can we please stop giving the rantings of mentally disturbed murderers media coverage?

How is this newsworthy? What possible benefit is there to the public at large? Why does anyone outside of the penal system need to know what this madman thinks or wants?

All that has been accomplished by this story is that an unhinged egomaniac has received the attention he so violently craves. You have given a killer an audience for his insanity. You have fed the troll.

It’s bad enough the unscrupulous corporate media conglomerates milk this sort of shocking non-story for every “Macabre Dollar” their marketing analysts can feverishly dream up, but did BoingBoing really have to jump on the bandwagon?


I think there might be an argument made that some people are beyond reform, but I think that housing people in such conditions doesn’t really help. I find it very sad…

Agreed - Varg is mostly just an irritating racist, church burning, anti-Jewish, black metal, asshole with only 2 deaths under his belt (Euronymous, plus wasn’t there someone else he alledgedly killed?) while Breivik is a certified mass murderer. Yet I think the two share a similar world-view. I think Breivik is more concerned about the “Muslim hordes” supposedly infiltrating and subverting European society, while Varg is more concerned with the traditional fear of Jews, which he argues is found in Christian society as a whole… but I think my point is that neither are likely to be reformed by the system, in part because of their ideological orientation. The fact that Varg was stockpiling weapons in France and never expressed any remorse for what he did do means he was not reformed and I doubt that Breivik will be reformed by his time in prision either, but only time will tell there.


I agree with you 100% and kudos to you for not using his name.

No one needs to hear about this but the legal system over there. Coverage not only increases his fame, but lets others know that if they commit some similar horrible act they will become famous too.

If people knew that killing only lead to being black holed for life and forgotten about, it might, might help prevent some killings. Basically, there is nothing to lose by letting people who commit these crimes disappear into the realm of the forgotten.


Supposedly, Hitlers imprisonment at Landsberg prison was quite comfortable, in comparison with other inmates.


It certainly isn’t. It’s undoubtedly one of the most horrible, violent, soul-crushing things you can have happen to you.


That’s REAL torture:


It is certainly beneficial for the American public to understand how medieval our jails are compared to Norway’s. And I am reluctant to discourage public discussion of unpleasant topics just because it may gratify an aggressor.


Ted Kacynzski was a whinger, too.