Neocities is doing a Kickstarter to pay for HTML/CSS Tutorial Stuff

Ten gigabytes sounds like a tiny amount of space compared to the terabyte drives you can expect for external storage, right? To get that ten gigs you would have to pay $150. However you would be supporting an infrastructure upgrade to a group that not only throttled any traffic to them from the FCC to dial-up speeds when it looked like fast lanes would be approved, but also wants to provide an easy entry-point for kids to learn HTML and CSS rather than let tools do all the work. Plus this is a one time fee and it’s all yours. No yearly or monthly fees. No hassle.

You would be able to have a site for your business. Something to let the kids play on and learn useful skills, and then space for other projects. You can accomplish a lot in ten gigs if you aren’t hosting video.

If $150 is too much they can give you a gig of space for $25. It’s not nearly as nice and lacks a few of the backend tools the Supporter account gets, but for a school project, or band site, or something else that you want to stick around and can just post a link to that doesn’t have facebook or Google attached to it, that is an option.

This isn’t a startup asking for seed money to make Vapor happen. Neocities has been around for awhile. They have made their business sustainable. It is just they do not have the money to do the things they want to do.

Plus if they get $50 000 they plan on doing a documentary.

Go ahead. Give these guys a little money. They’retrying to make the world not suck.

Edit: Forgot Link. Here ya go.

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Ok, err… link?

Edited top post.

Sorry for the oversight.

Sure I can support that!

OK I backed it and put it on my Twitters!


For whatever reason your link wasn’t working for me… (all I see is a big black box)
Just in case others are having the same problem:
Neocities 3.0: An interactive HTML/CSS course for everyone by Kyle Drake & Victoria Wang — Kickstarter

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