Net Neutrality in a nutshell


What happens now?
Just a little, just a smidge, just a tiny little bit of internet non-neutrality, just for the market, just to see what happens, just for a little while.

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“Congress has directed the agency to promote innovation and the growth of the Internet” could mean so many wonderful things, but my spider sense tells me this is more the “innovative financial instruments” kind of innovative than the “innovative ways of democratizing culture and information” variety…

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I think the odds of net regulation being at all “common carrier”-ish are low… but I hope to be surprised.

A bit of preaching: government is actually a human endeavour so, write/call your representatives, bring up the topic to friends and relatives, etc.

We’ve dodged a bullet here - the last thing we need is a lobbyist or political crony overseeing net “neutrality”. Now maybe we can get on with the task of improving competition by breaking down the government monopoly barriers the cable and phone companies have erected. (Hah!)

Just the tip.

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