Netflix increases prices amid ongoing strike

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Have Netflix ever run a profit?

I quit after the trial month when I honestly ran out of things I wanted to watch. So, no.

But but the 500 Korean shows they licensed


I finished the last season of “Sex Education,” so I’m free to cancel again. Thanks for the reminder!


To be fair, they’ve got to somehow make up the money they lost when they decided to shut down their whole original business recently. Deliberately.

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In 2023, Netflix’s gross income was 4.5 billion dollars on an EBITDA of $20BN.

same, but lupin for me. they just don’t have much watching any more. a handful of episodes of a decent show, and then nothing for months.

i will say i’m sad to lose the cheaper plan should i ever re-subscribe. :confused: back when they were trying to encourage new subscribers, they’d let you “pause” your subscription rather than outright cancel. like quality content, that’s a thing long past.

… hate to give Bezos any credit but last time I paid attention Amazon Prime was the real Netflix :tv:

agreed. i think that’s part of why netflix isn’t as good as they were: apple, disney, and amazon have pulled all the content away.

though, i don’t think you have to give bezos much credit. i’m sure amazon is using their monopoly power as both carrot and stick to get the content they want. and that’s not skill, it’s brute force

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Is the extra money so Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO, can funnel more dark money to into his charter school side job?

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