Netflix on NES


I’m crying a little that they went to that much trouble to do something awesome and then hooked the NES’s 4:3 composite output to a 16:9 monitor. #aspectmatters


One of the other hacks on that page provides dual PIN access so you can’t watch a show without the friend / partner you’ve agreed to watch it with.

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I want that, but with physical metal keys, like a movie-style nuclear launch control panel.

“Honey, stop watching House of Cards without me!”


Is this actual Netflix access, or is it a simulation (clever to be sure) of what Netflix would look like on a Nintendo?

They said it was an “Unmodified original NES, with a cartridge in it”

That leads me to believe that it’s just a custom game cartridge with a fun menu, and a short vectorized video clip, not actually accessing Netflix.

I was wondering if they’d figured out a way to mod the cartridge so that it had some kind of system on a chip with wifi access that could output Nintendo-readable Netflix data. But I think your explanation is more likely.

It’s probably doable. Maybe. There’s very limited addressing capabilities in the NES. There’s a few SoC chips designed that increase the program ROM a lot, which might enable a nearly bare metal browser for Netflix.

I mean, I have DVD players that struggle with their built in Netflix and they have fancy stuff like flash memory and WiFi. I have no idea how a network stack would work in a ROM system like the NES, except maybe to have a whole extra PC modifying the ROM between clock cycles after it ingests and processes output to the NES. Maybe the NES could be used like a glorified video adapter? I dunno, I don’t program these kinds of machines, and they look like a puff of smoke compared to the raging jet engine that is a 3rd generation ipod.

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