Netroots 3.0: Bernie Sanders' army of volunteer coders

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The irony isn’t lost on me that I’m registering as a Democrat in order to vote for an independent that the mainstream Democrats don’t want elected.


Zack Exley …whom I rate as one of the smarted technologists in politics…

I wish I was smarted. I think. Is it painful?


Very, I have seen it done…


Upon seeing the map on Sanders’ website, I had a moment of panic as Michigan is listed as a “closed” primary. This is not really the case. We have “open-ish” primaries in that you don’t have to be registered with any party to vote, but you must choose which party’s ballot you wish to vote upon.

Using this system to its full advantage will garners me twice the volume of political junk mail, but allowed me to vote against GW three times over two election cycles. YMMV.


"Within the campaign, netroots veterans like Zack Exley are negotiating how to give Sanders’ base the freedom to innovate while still being able to call on them as a kind of volunteer auxiliary.

I’d imagine there’s little the campaign can do to restrain people who don’t actually work for them in a paid or official capacity. And when your candidate’s message is basically that people need to be more involved in the political process, they can’t really complain when that actually happens.

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Jon Hughes. . . didn’t have any connection to the Sanders campaign; in fact, the last presidential candidate he’d been interested in was Ron Paul back in 2012.

Lots of libertarians are growing out of Ayn Rand and considering how individual liberties need local democratic reform of institutions, including economic institutions.


About time. They took the name from anarchists anyway.

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Yes, and I wonder how to spread the word faster.

Politics is more than moaning about the inevitabilty of Trump and pontificating about the inevitabilty of Trump or not-Trump while waiting to vote.

I admire that some coders have integrated aspects of their work into a “real world” community organizing practice.

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