Californians: this is your last day to register to vote in the Democratic primary

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Also the last day to register to vote in the California Democratic primary if you want to vote for Hillary there.


Fuck political parties; they’re broken.

Love people, even dumb ones.

Let’s find a new political process/politics, please?

Thank you.



presumably also last day if you want to do Trump write ins on the Democratic ballot.

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Take note, GOP: Today is your last day to register as a Democrat in order to help Bernie in the hopes that you’ll face him in November.


Hillary is the one they want to face.


Hey, you know, the Libertarian party is on that list too. Not that they have a hard choice.


California holds semi-closed primaries: that means that if you want to cast a vote for Bernie Sanders, you have to be registered as an independent…

California allows “No Party Preference” voters to vote in the Democratic primary, but that is different from “Independent”

How can you quote three little paragraphs without reading them?


That’s one thing Texas does right, open primaries. Unfortuantly I live in a county where Democrats let alone a liberal fear to tread. So I still vote Republican if I want to have a say in my county. The thing we do bad is it’s winner take all, so Cruz easyly won the delegates.

I dunno, Hillary is the steely old war veteran who smiles when the bad guys start their bluster. If this were an action movie she would be the one the villains pick out because she seems an easy kill, and then hands them their asses on a plate a la Liam Neeson.

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Possibly, but she’s the only one with general unfavorables comparable to Trump. It’s difficult to overstate how many conservative or conservative-leaning people from the 90s hate her utterly. Obviously Trump-constituency people don’t like her, but I imagine there are a lot of potential swing voters who will never vote for her for the same reasons. Hell, I lean Democrat/Libertarian generally (have considered Republicans in the past, but they always dropped or imploded along the way) and there is no way I’m voting for Hillary. She’s a two-faced pandering shill with no discernible integrity.


The video concludes with:

Bernie is going to win California, but he has to win by a wide enough margin

Which seems perhaps over-confident. 538 currently projects Clinton 98% likely to win California, with expected results of Clinton 62.2% / Sanders 36.2%. If Bernie Sanders supporters want to pull off that kind of polling upset, they really do need something unusual in terms of that get out the vote effort.

Isn’t that about the same % they gave Clinton in Michigan, which she lost to Sanders?

Maybe its 538 who’s over-confident.

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Are you saying that like it’s a good thing?

Obama admits that the handling of the invasion of yet another country that didn’t attack us (was it even legal, by international standards?), Libya, was the biggest mistake of his presidency. After that country’s leader was hunted down in the streets like a dog, sodomized with a bayonet and shot dead, she crowed, “We came, we saw, he died.” I wish reporters and debate moderators would ask if she’s still so proud of the part she played in that whole batch of botched crimes.

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Well, look at how successful the Republicans have been against her. They fought her tooth and nail when she was first lady, and she handed them their asses on a plate. They got especially dirty during her Senate election, and she won that as well. And even most recently, she schooled Trey Gowdy so badly on the Benghazi committee that he just gave up after her appearance.

She knows how to keep calm and pull off a victory.

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So, she’s an effective servant of the empire?



Sub-optimal execution BB. The headline should be what it is, but you should have posted it yesterday, at latest, telling people: “Wow, no, actually you have one/two extra days left, so do it!” below the fold.

I personally probably couldn’t have gone through with the registration on an immediate notice.

Libya was going to be a mess whether we got involved or not. First of all we weren’t even the prime movers on the intervention argument. Most of that came from France and the UK. 2 Countries which traditionally have gotten involved in African troubles. Intervention was going to happen with or without us.

Second of all, Kadaffy never stood a chance once there was real organized resistance to his regime. His military was largely made up of syncophants and glorified secret policemen. For decades Kadaffy kept the military weak and compliant in order to prevent potential coups. Plus this is the same country whose mechanized army lost to a bunch of guys in souped up Toyota pickup trucks.

I don’t think they care. I’m starting to think this is going to be a Trump landslide.

On top of that, because Trump is so good at getting attention all by himself, they aren’t going to need to spend much on the presidential race, so that money will be plowed into senate and congressional races that are close.

I’m starting to think the worst case scenario (Republican Senate, Congress, and President) is going to happen.

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[quote=“Foggen, post:11, topic:78526”]
It’s difficult to overstate how many conservative or conservative-leaning people from the 90s hate her utterly.[/quote]

To be fair, I highly doubt these people would leap into the arms of a man who unabashedly calls himself a socialist.