Today is your last day to register to vote in some states; confirm your registration in 30 seconds


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This is NOT the time to procrastinate. (You can do that later)


Shamelessly just stolen from @Melz2!


If that doesn’t convince you…




Voting (And Viciously Winning Elections) Makes You Horny.



Well that was a little frustrating. The site can’t recognize nicknames, you must spell everything exactly right.


I’ve been having a ton of anxiety of registering to vote. It’s basically become The Impossible Task, despite me having a form filled out and all i need to do is physically mail it out. Not being able to do so is pretty distressing considering how much voting will matter so at least i will take comfort (thanks to the link to check to see if you’ve been registered to vote) that i am indeed already registered to vote but at my parent’s home in Houston. I’m sure i can take personal time off to go vote with my folks.


That would be my parents, but, OK.


There is NO reason they need your birthdate or email address to check your registration – so for those of you who like to hold that sort of personal info close to the chest (especially birthdate!), feel free to put in fake ones, it still gives you good info.


I don’t recall ever giving anyone my email address when I registered to vote… Back before email existed.

At least I know why they want my email - so they can contact me (again) and ask for money. But what on earth do they want from my DOB?



More on my state and the current gubernatorial race:


Just checked mine. Again. Still registered!

But I didn’t use the website Cory linked to. I went directly to my State’s Secretary of State website and checked there. Even showed me my sample ballot!


Being a white male in a “solid Republican” district in a blue state, I doubt I have too much to worry about in The Purge. Those of you in riskier areas, make sure you are (and stay) registered. And it would be good if we could generate a way to help less able folks in our districts to get and stay registered. Probably too late for this go-round, but I remain optimistic that there will be a 2020 election.


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