Georgia purged 10% of its voters: here's a way to check if you're one of them!

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Session’s DOJ will get right on that, like never.


Does anyone have a demographic rundown of the 600k? I’m sure most of them aren’t poor minorities or anything. I’m just curious.


Don’t worry. No need to feel bad about your voters’ rights. This sort of shenaniganry went on in the UK too.

Was hundreds of years ago, but still …

[Wodger mean it’s coming back?]


My goodness, there’s nothing odd or suspicious about the voting constituency reshuffle, is there? Nothing to see here. Just move along!


Hey, Republican politicians? If you have to stack the deck to win, maybe you don’t deserve to win?

See… what you get from these kinds of shenanigans is not more voters that approve of who you are and what you do; just the appearance of more voters that approve of who you are and what you do, by silencing the voice of your dissenters and critics in an underhanded fashion.

You may have kept them from voting, but you haven’t addressed just how much they despise you and what you are doing. If anything, you’re doubling down.

So you end up pissing off a lot of people who are eventually going to rise up and straighten your shit out. Someday. Someday.


I just checked, and I’d like to thank Kemp for removing me from the voting rolls.

Admittedly, this is because in the old days (1994), the state’s computer systems didn’t allow spaces in names, so my name is no longer mispelled.


Share this with your Georgia friends lickety-split, folks! The last day to register to vote in the midterm election is next Tuesday, October 9th!


I live in Australia, and while it’s a pain in the arse to have to vote in every state and federal election, it would be more of a pain in the arse to want to vote and have to deal with this shit.

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