Voting rights groups sue Georgia & Brian Kemp to reinstate 53,000 blocked registrations, 70% are Black


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Omg!! How the hell do we allow one of the candidates decide who is permitted to vote? Conflict of interest, anyone?


Go, Stacey; GO.


It’s another in a long line of gentlemen’s agreements for common decency in US government that nobody bothered to actually codify into law, so now that Republicans have decided that being gentlemanly is for suckers, all bets are off.


Well that just sucks.


The GOP: “If you can’t win, cheat!”


The rules that Kemp put in place are petty and abrupt, but how did they manage to target 70% black voters with them? Short of peeking at race data that they shouldn’t have, there must be something else, like concentrating on black population areas.

A geographical breakdown of the blocked registrations would be interesting.


It’s not that they’re targeting 70% of black voters, but of those that they’re screwing over, (it’s totally coincidental that*) 70% of them are black. But yeah, the problem that you brought up still holds. It’s possible that it’s just a really well targeted voter suppression campaign like the others that also totally coincidentally* disproportionately disenfranchise black voters, by similarly requiring combos of ID that certain demographics are less likely to have.



I’ve lost touch with GA politics, but I looked up Kemp… and holy shit… it actually made me miss Sonny Perdue. God I hope Abrams wins.


I think it would take some genius rule-making to find the combo of IDs that would result in a honest* result of 70% of rejections being black. And Kemp doesn’t seem like a genius.

There’s probably some application of the rules that they’ve tweaked to improve the targeting, like home address.


Stacey Abrams is an awesome woman.! So many Firsts!

I can’t vote in Georgia, but if I could…

Isn’t Kemp the guy responsible for this? (640 votes cast with only 243 registered voters)


Kemp himself doesn’t need to be a genius, he just needs to photocopy the North Carolina Republicans’ playbook. They’ve done most of the hard work for him.


I bought a sign for my yard and a neighbor asked where I got it. I’ve now bought signs for three houses on the street. Three more bought their own :slight_smile: Abrams is going to be a great governor.

As good as she’s going to be, Kemp absolutely sucks. He’s been a terrible SoS. A self-serving, cynical climber all along.




Rule of law is dead in the U.S. We shouldn’t be talking about this criminal Kemp becoming governor – we should be talking about the charges under which he needs to be indicted.


Recusal anyone?

He has cancelled 1.4 million registrations since 2012, all Dems. That’'s 20 percent of the entire GA electorate.

This guy is like the Eichmann of voting in GA.


The Republican party, including smarter assholes than Kemp, has been putting in a lot of effort to figure out how best to target black voters (and, to a lesser extent, college students) for disenfranchisement with the voter ID laws. Having put together a pretty targeted plan of action, they’ve been copying it state to state (to great success). This seems to be a variation of that plan.


“Look, we are just asking that voters present their Country Club Membership Cards to prove their identity to vote; how can that be racist?”


“The party of hatred.”