Candidate/election-runner Brian Kemp's hacking accusation is a new, absurd low


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Please, please, please, Georgia happy mutants, vote for Stacey Abrams. Make this lying sack of dog droppings cry like a baby!


This guy not only doesn’t belong in the governor’s office, he belongs in prison.


I’m in Ga, and I’ve given money to Stacy. I think we should just face the fact that Republicans know the only way they can win is to CHEAT, and they are able to perform the moral gymnastics to justify it.


This is just the obvious, well-practiced tactic of projecting your own weaknesses to the opposing side. He’s laughably exposed as vote suppressor and with conflicts of interest. So, he portrays his opponent has having a weakness with regards to voter registration. The low-information citizen (or his trollish jackals) pick up on this and say “See? It happens on both sides.” The media also plays their part by giving it oxygen and calling it an “allegation”, instead of a “laughably false allegation.” The Republicans are so good at this shit.


Kemp has accused the Democrats of two separate, mutually exclusive offenses: hacking into the voter registration system to steal its data, and hacking into it to expose its vulnerabilities (vulnerabilities, mind, which have been lavishly documented and demonstrated by independent security researchers).

“Independent” ahem Democrat security researchers! What are they hiding? Are they named Abrams perhaps? /s



What’s going on with that bottom reel?


It’s broken, I suppose, just like other old white projectors in smoke-filled rooms that add no value.




I will not be surprised in any way that WHEN he loses, he will refuse to concede the results, like Pat McCrory in North Carolina two years agao.


If millions of black voters can’t vote, then Kemp will win. It’s as simple as that. He and Abrams are tied in the polls, so anything he can do to suppress left-leaning votes spells victory for him.


I suggest for such malicious voting disenfranchisement, he should pay a penalty of a month in jail for everybody he’s taken the vote away from.


And since there were no laws to provide for penalties like that, civil lawsuits should torment
him to the end of his days.


It’s all just smoke and mirrors and lights. There’s no film in it, therefore, no substance. It’s a metaphor of today’s establishment in Georgia and maybe other places.


Bummer. Original gif too big.



What I’ve read is that the hacking accusations were triggered by Democrats informing his office of a security flaw they’d stumbled upon. He’s literally accusing them for trying to improve the security.


Yes, this is only half the story. From the New York Times article:

In the first email, a man named Richard Wright, who Democrats say is not affiliated with the party, writes to Ms. Small, whom officials identified as a Democratic Party volunteer.

In the email, Mr. Wright describes how “any file on the system” on a Georgia voter information page can be accessed through a place on the site meant for downloading sample ballots and poll cards. He also shows how an online voter registration site can be used to “download anyones[sic] data.”

The Democratic Party statement says that Ms. Small forwarded that email to Ms. Ghazal. The party said that it was “abundantly clear” that Ms. Small did not attempt to manipulate the site.


I look for Il Douche to have a royal temper tantrum tomorrow evening and attempt to throw the whole of the electoral results into doubt citing “illegal voting” and “rigged vote counts.” That will be when the true shit show starts.