ACLU: hundreds of thousands of voters were purged by the Georgia GOP

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Now that the evidence is documented, is this assholery susceptible to legal action?


For state level legal action, Kemp would be in charge of enforcement. For federal action, I can’t see the current administration doing anything. So likely it would fall to the people of Georgia to demand an impeachment or recall to get any accountability. I wish them luck in throwing him out on his ass


Shit, even I don’t vote in the primaries every year. Some years, all the primary candidates in my party in my town are running unopposed, so why bother going out and marking a ballot with only one box to check? Maybe I’d better start marking that meaningless ballot next time!

And the impeachment would be heard by legislators elected under the current system.


Blackballing legislators from any publicly elected office legally for political crimes needs to be a new Federal amendment.

Throw these bastards in jail for something or kick them out of the job class permanently, I’m sick of people getting away with shit like this. Its 2020- this shouldn’t have been happening 50 years ago it absolutely shouldn’t be happening now. This country is a joke


This will be spun as an anti-corruption action by Republicans. They will characterize the removed registrations as being dead people and whatever other bogus things they can come up with. It won’t be pursued as corruption, it will be applauded.


Brian Kemp should be in jail, not in power. That this isn’t the case shows how corrupt the US really is. We’re at “despotic 3rd world country” levels now and still pretending everything is normal.


Happy to see journalist Greg Palast quoted here. He is a national treasure who has been researching voter suppression for years. Thank you for amplifying this.


Right. Before I read about this study, my take was simply, Aww, Stacey Abrams should be governor. Now, I have an addendum, which goes …and Kemp should be tried and convicted of voter fraud.


As a resident of this state, I could not agree more. She’s awesome and would have won without these voter suppression actions by Kemp.


It’s only been a few years since Georgia won “most corrupt government in America” over such states as New Jersey and Indiana. If we don’t win again, someone’s gamed some of those votes/voters.

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