Brian Kemp's GOP Pulls A Turkmenistan


Brian Kemp, who has worked tirelessly tobpurge black voters from the rolls and prevent black people from obtaining necessary ID to vote, has announced an “investigation” into “possible cyber crimes” he blames on state Dems.


Typical tactic that he employs for having a shitty platform that does nothing to address the needs of GA citizens:

I hope he goes down in flames on Tuesday.


The Republican platform has become “If you can’t win the vote, change the voters.” If it works, we are completely screwed.


Georgia Secretary of State and candidate for governor Brian Kemp has a history of wrongly accusing opponents of hacking him.

I’m hacking him right now!

(Not really, but it’d be tempting to toss a masscan at his personal IP address.)


Yep, they have race right there in the voter database. I bet if someone tried to explain why that’s a very bad idea, he wouldn’t say anything, just give a look that said “Yes, I know and I like it that way.”


“The way the website is set up, once you get access to your own voter record, you can go in and change permissions and get access to anyone’s voting record,” DeMillo said.


I hope hell is real and he goes there.




I think this might backfire on him. He really comes across as desperate, and desperation does not sell well.


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