Someone wiped a key server in Georgia right after voters filed a lawsuit over insecure voting-machines


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The FBI may have a backup of the server, but has not confirmed it.

So it’s been wiped too, I would guess, based on orders from up top.


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That’s gotta constitute a massive case of evidence tampering, yes? Like, record breaking!


OK, so can we please take those technicians into custody until they reveal the names of the people who gave them those orders? I heard that tampering with evidence is kind of frowned upon.


Seeing ‘key server’ in the title made me think a bunch of PGP pubkeys got deleted.





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Nope, nothin’ wrong, nothin’ to see here. Working as intended.


It’s amazing how many people simply refuse to believe the votes are rigged… until their candidate loses, it’s completely inconceivable.


Nothing to worry about. Our allies in Russia have the data.


It sure is good that the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity will take an interest in such cases as this…


Or maybe the NSA.


It was not necessary to identify the Georgia politician as republican…of course he is.


Wiped? Like, With a Cloth or Something?


Don’t be ridiculous. I’m sure it’s a complete coincidence that the guy in charge belongs to the only party that regularly and proudly expresses their support for voter suppression and their contempt for the democratic process in general.


Calm down, I have complete confidence that, Georgia, Secretary of State Brian Kemp, is on the job and will quickly get to the bottom of this.

That ^ is sarcasm if you missed it.

Calm down, I have complete confidence that, Georgia, Secretary of State Brian Kemp, will keep his job and will quickly get the large bank transfer for doing his job by looking the other way and convicting no one.


So the people behind wiping the data are the group facing 70 years in prison for felony conspiracy, right?