Reminder: your state may be purging you from its voter rolls

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I’m more shocked that someone is actually comparing handwritten signatures. It’s about as rigorous as astrology. Or do they find “signature discrepancies” in some percentage of an unfavorable voting district and send those out en-masse? Is it just an excuse to purge someone who has an otherwise spotless record?




Huh… Oregon is pretty far ahead of the pack with all voting done by mail, but this kinda sucks.


When you’re facing an opponent whose unspoken motto is “if you can’t win, cheat” it’s best to be extra vigilant.


Meanwhile, some States don’t remove you from the rolls even when you notify them that you’ve moved out of State – multiple times, no less. $HERSELF and I left Arizona in 2014 before the election and registered here. When we did, NM notified Arizona that we’d registered and were cancelling our AZ registrations.

Come 2016, she checked and found that she was still on the rolls in AZ. She notified AZ that she wanted her registration cancelled. This year, she checked again – and she’s still on the AZ rolls.

Since AZ is one of Kris Kobach’s clients, one is led to suspect that they find it useful to have lots of names on the CrossCheck list. Is it so that they can point to all of those people who are registered in multiple States, presumably for the evil purpose of voter fraud?


At least I don’t have to worry about this kind of thing here in Oreg–

Wait, what???

Checking now…


They tried to cage me back in 2012. The Board of Elections sent me a card claiming (falsely) that mail they sent me came back undeliverable. I asked around and all my neighbors got the same card - in a zip code loaded with black folks and college students. I had to send a card back requesting my right to vote, and I was just fine. But I wonder how many people trashed the card?


Just a quick reminder, America; You don’t have a democracy. You need to fix your process through non-democractic actions first, then you can get back to trusting that the will of the majority is being respected.

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He has to go through a bureaucratic process to re-register to vote.

Oh come on. He had to sign the form that they included and send it back.

Signature checking is to keep somebody from intercepting and voting your ballot. Matt wouldn’t have gotten this notice if had responded to the first one. It’s like paying your bills – if you don’t take care of the first one, the next one is more strongly worded.

Oregon has just the opposite of voter suppression. Everybody who gets a driver license is automatically registered to vote unless they opt out. As a result, we now have a huge percentage of “no party affiliation” registrations.

Oregon is super great about voting rights. We have automatic voter registration and vote by mail. That said, I have had a bureaucratic back and forth about signature matches on several ballots. Basically, you sign the ballot before you mail it in, and if the signature isn’t close enough to the one on your registration form, it gets kicked into a pile that gets verified through another piece of mail. I got a letter with both signatures reproduced and checked a box that this was indeed my signature. I guess this is the old school identity verification that is needed for a vote by mail system. I wonder if there are any numbers for how many ballots never get counted because the voter didn’t respond to the verification letter. I now have a very carefully drawn signature that is used only for voting.


I live in a red state and had my voter registration canceled without prior notification a few years ago for some bogus, made-up reason - and I vote regularly. No claims that my signature had changed though.

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What the holy hell is this? and in Oregon? I cannot even imagine what is happening in Arkansas.

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Nothing says democracy like states making voting as difficult as possible.

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