Indiana's voter-purging software removes voters without notice, is wrong 99% of the time

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I’m frankly astonished that the racial disparities for the “Black” and “Hispanic” categories aren’t more extreme - since the chart’s from VA, NC and GA.


Another seeming bug that is a feature in the eyes of the GOP.


Working As Designed


And here I thought that the USA was the world’s number one shining example of democracy?

I can’t even keep a straight face for that line… :-/


This is so stupid, they can’t expect 99% of people to all share one address, idk about my neighbors, but in Illinois we need to have proof of residency, toke me forever when i moved to get my address changed(. . .just so that i could protest vote :stuck_out_tongue: , Chicago is simply too big and liberal that i felt pretty safe doing that, and i was right)

You toke forever???


99% of the people it identifies as duplicate voters are not duplicate voters – that is, it has a 99% false positive rate.

I think that’s a 99% false discovery rate, rather than false positive rate.

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Hey come on now, we both now that’s a figure of speech lol

I had a busy schedule and as far as the world knew i didn’t exist, so getting proof that i lived where i lived on short notice toke me around 2.5 weeks or so because i needed to change my state ID, and i had to change my address at the college i was going to, and then i needed mail from them, but it couldn’t be just any mail either, and i needed to find my newer SS card because they had a typo on it so i had to get a new one (which i lost and i am now on my 3rd SS card) so then my SS didn’t match all my other documents, so at one point i had 3 different names on record :confused: so in retrospect, it felt like a long time

You’re still toking! Must be a Libertarian… :wink:


I personally only now in the moment.

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lol no, i couldn’t take him seriously after his mess ups about foreign leaders and not knowing what the agencies, that he wants to get rid of, do

though i did like him for a long time, that whole Republican gov of a Blue State and socially liberal

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I think it was in New Hampshire I hears of something similar. They identified hundreds of registered voters who had a car registered in a different state. Mighty fishy, right?

Turns out they were students at college.


Toking means smoking cannabis.


More like


I’ve seen reports before about Crosscheck’s 99% false positive rate. I’m wondering if anyone has done an analysis of the 1% correctly identified as being a voter registered in two states…what proportion of that 1% are simply voters who moved, and haven’t yet been purged by their previous registrar? Is Crosscheck identifying any fraudulent registrations at all, or is it just documenting the fact that some people share names, and other people move?

BB why all the scepticism and pessimism?

This is backed by Kris Kobach, the Kansas SS (secretary of state). [I almost snarfed some soda when I was reading the article…)

Why the fuck is the legislature disenfranchising anyone


the system has the former, the test within the system the latter. I think.

Pedantry for the win!