Networking by flickering lights gets some commercial traction

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So instead of one wireless router for my home, I need to get one for every room in my house, plus something to connect them all together? no thanks.

I look forward to li-fi being able to replace the physical layer for smart-home tech. Wi-fi, zigbee, blutooth, z-wave, they are all subject to interference and attacks from people physically outside the home. Li-fi is a lot harder to attack - its not perfect you still are vulnerable to an attacker standing at a window, but even then they can only get to a single room.

Ideally all the smart-home stuff would use a link-layer on the power lines, but only insteon has anything like that and its not restricted to power-lines, its more of a fallback to the wireless mesh mode.

They always say these acronyms don’t mean anything at all. That’s just what the Illuminati want you to believe.

Hyphen use is likely to avoid the inevitable mispronunciation (Liffy) and promote LyFy pronunciation without the unfortunate spelling that the SciFi (SyFy) channel went with. Still, I agree it’s likely doomed.

Are you gaslighting me, or are you transferring a file with a lot of zeroes in it?

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Maybe it will catch on in Ireland.


Fun fact: recently checked out a venue for a meeting. They said they offered “light-base wireless” and their pitch is (drumroll) clearly to attract people who are “electrosensitive”.

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The Li-Fi take on the wifi logo in the video cover image is a crime against typesetting.

I look at this as one more easy way to spread viruses and malware in poorly designed crap made on the cheap in 3rd world countries. Thank you very much.

@markfrauenfelder is the one who writes about tech as something one makes, whereas @doctorow writes about tech as something one buys. Cory even goes so far as to say that this existing technology is not “real” until it is a consumer product.

Rather than complain about the glut of poorly designed crap made on the cheap, we can always do it ourselves instead, without cutting corners.

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I’m just thinking of the future, when it’s everywhere, and you can pick up malware from the lights at the Home Depot. But there are always opaque bags . . .

I dunno, she hasn’t been around here for a few months.

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