Neural network restores and colorizes old movies

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My parents double exposed my first birthday over the only footage of my great grandmother. It looks like I will live to see those two exposures separated and restored.


This is so much more exciting than that train station clip we saw earlier! Definitely going to be fun to see is applied to archival footage…

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PS: what a time to be alive indeed!

Didn’t we all decide about fifteen years ago that colorizing old black and white films was oh so lame? Thanks, tech undustry!

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There’s a difference between colorizing movies (as in artistic works where the shots were designed around the light and shadow that B&W film provides), and colorizing footage/pictures that are of interest because they give insights as to what life was like at some point in the past before color photography was a thing (or before it was common, anyway). There is an argument that say, colorizing WWI/WWII footage makes the people in them seem more real and relatable even if you believe (as I do) that attempts to colorize Bogart’s The Maltese Falcon are crimes against art.


Ted Turner must be rolling over in his grave-shaped bed.

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