Never experience another dead-zone with this Google WiFi Router, on sale for Cyber Monday 

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…and does it allow Google to monetize the knowledge of what data is streaming into and out of your home or business? Is not privacy control a part of the deal? Asking for a friend.


1500 sq ft (as it says in the link) or 4500 sq ft (as it says in the post)?

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I wouldn’t trust either numbers. Both would assume unobstructed line of sight with a single device with no other interference, and probably at 5GHz speeds, not the far slower but more commonplace 2.4GHz speeds.

In the real world range is significantly hampered by things like walls, receiving hardware, protocol overhead, and interference.

I have Unifi kit throughout my place (love it) that’s ostensibly 1200Mbps capable over 5GHz Wi-Fi, and even unobstructed from a few feet away the best speeds I can typically get on my iPhone is around 500Mbps. (This is likely due to so much interference from my neighbors.)

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+100, Ubiquiti is teh awesum, super reliable, super easy to configure, as secure as any other wifi device, and doesn’t feed the borG.

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Will this Google WiFi Router put an end to my zombie mink problem?

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