New 2001: A Space Odyssey trailer




I’ll wait for the Michael Bay 3D re-imagining.


That was fun!


I look forward to seeing the shuttle continuously exploding throughout the entire trip to the space station.


Must be kind of different. A trailer where you don’t need to worry about spoilers because your target audience has already seen the movie. You just want to remind them why they would want to see it again, in a theater.

I have seen a fair number of trailers from the 50’s and 60’s where they pretty much give you the entire movie, including the ending in 60 seconds. The bizarre bit is that this was done even for Hitchcock thrillers.

Of course, the ending of 2001 is bizarre enough that watching the entire movie barely spoils the ending.

I want a Lawrence of Arabia trailer that is just the scene where Omar Sherif rides up on his horse then transition to the title + date.


At the time, the kicker was Kubrick’s insistence on shooting everything on-location. They called him a nutter, but his persistence (of vision) won in the end!


I think the original trailer works better as a piece of art in and of itself. The new one continually nudges you with “remember that bit” and “oooh, remember this other bit.” It’s less focused.


SPOILER ALERT: David Bowman is a star child, I think.


I beg to differ…


In the sequel (2001: 28 Years Later), he has grown up kinda.


Must’ve been expensive as hell to keep all those cameras, crew, and actors up in outer space for such long periods of time.


#totallyworthit (despite the bone-density loss that pretty much ended Keir Dullea’s career)


Yeah, it seems like the editing was a little sloppy. The first set of cuts were way too quick, and jarring and as a result, that the really quick cut sequences toward the middle-end lack all punch. It just comes across as a jumble. 5/10, wouldn’t watch again.


WOW. Just WOW.


I kinda thought that’s what this trailer itself was. Trying to pack every musical climax of the entire film plus a seizure inducing number of cut scenes into a trailer for 2001 is just so very very wrong.


Shorter trailer:


My God…

That was beautiful.


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