The surprisingly conventional sequel to Kubrick's masterpiece, 2001: A Space Odyssey

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Kubrick’s 2001 was beautiful and chilling, but it was so distinct from the short story and novel that is was made from/inspired (the movie and the novel were deeply intertwined in their creation). As a teenager, I found the 2010 novel first (a garage sale, I think?), then the 2001 novel, then the movies, so I remember being deeply confused by what Kubrick’s movie was supposed to be.

My favorite moments from the whole property were the descriptions in 2010 of the doomed life forms Clarke imagined at the bottom of Europa’s oceans and within Jupiter’s gas clouds. They’re a pretty prosaic departure from the fever dream of Kubrick’s movie, but so wonderful!


I really enjoyed “2010”. It’s a very different movie than “2001”, but I don’t think anyone (including the studio marketing department) was expecting a true sequel in the sense of style and aesthetics. It’s more like well-crafted explication for everything that went on in Kubrick’s film: of the first film yet not trying to be the first film.


The ending, when Jupiter undergoes fusion ignition, is one of my favourite moments in sci-fi.


If those did so well, why haven’t we gotten

EDIT: TIL that there’s also


forgotten? by whom? i guess i need to watch the video for an explanation. personally, i really liked 2010, and didn’t really expect it to be similar in tone to 2001. but i had read the book before i saw the movie, too.


I remember this book (2061) very clearly, especially a female love interest’s reaction to Dr Floyd’s circumcised anatomy: that it is a mutilation by then.
Oh and 3001,… huh. I’m not sure that was on my radar. Thanks!


My brain still cannot reconcile that David Bowman from 2001 and 2010 was the same actor as Devon from The Starlost.


The book 2010 was fantastic as I remember. The Russians and americans working together to get out to Jupiter. The movie injected all this 1980’s cold war bullsh*t. Was so disappointed. Hollywood making a movie instead of Kubrick.


actually just the Jupiter life forms were doomed, without spoiling the film, and the Europa life forms held promise - which the next sequel dealt with: 2061 Odyssey Three. Hope you hung on for 3001 Final Odessy.


I watched these two back-to-back once. I had seen them both several times previously, but watching them consecutively really highlights the exercise in contrasts they represent.


It’s amusing that people in the '80s thought that our biggest problem was that we didn’t have enough heat.

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2010 is like Godfather III. A very conventional sequel to much better films.


I think this person fails to realize that “he hasn’t heard of it” isn’t the same as “no one has ever heard of it.” It’s hard to take this seriously when he doesn’t appear to even know Roy Scheider’s name.

The shocking reveal of this video is apparently that the only person who makes Kubrick movies is Kubrick, and other directors make different films.


Lol I get that this guy saying the movie is “forgotten” is a bit silly, but it is pretty amazing how little attention the sequel to 2001 gets. It’s almost never mentioned, maybe in passing, when people write about 2001.

His basic premises are correct: the movie gets very, very little attention but it’s not bad. It gets little attention because it doesn’t live up to the original and it wasn’t Kubrick, and because it used extrapolated events from 1984 as the major plot point.


People on the internet are always quoting the line “my god, it’s full of stars” in reference to anything reminiscent of Kubrick’s “beyond the infinite” sequence, but that line is actually from the sequel, so it can’t be that obscure.


Although many quoters don’t realize this and may not have even seen either movie.


On a side note, about 3 years ago, I got to see 2001 on a huge screen at the AFI Theater in DC. Mr. Dullea was there for autograph signing and Q&A.

I will say, after decades of only seeing the movie on home video, it was considerably less ponderous on the big screen. I still have the autographed 8 x 10 print of the film poster hanging in my office. Where it has been left by its lonesome for over a year.


I’ve seen both, but I could have sworn it was from 2001. I guess not!


IDK guys that distorted “My God, it’s full of stars!” that opens the film scared the crap out of nine-year-old me when I heard/saw it in the theater. The soundtrack equivalent of a jumpscare?