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Some shameless self-promotion here! I have a new article up about the Phantasm films:


Great stuff! Thanks for introducing us to this series.



Phantasm is easily my favorite horror series after Evil Dead, which is the best horror series ever. Though the best horror film of all time might just be Bubba Hotep…


Will ya look at this!!!



I not even a horror aficionado, but I love Phantasm. I saw the original Phantasm on HBO not long after it finished its short theater run. My cousin and I may have been high when we watched it. I’m pretty sure we were. In any event we were spellbound and kept re-watching it on HBO every time it was replayed. Parts of it are really funny, and maybe not intentionally, but it’s magnetic, at least for me. I’ve re-watched the original periodically over the years. There’s something about that film that I just can’t stop watching. I just recently started working my way through the sequels, which I didn’t even know existed until February of this year, but that discovery made me very happy .


I really dug the final film, Ravager. It’s almost all focused on Reg and brings up a number of interesting issues that I didn’t even get into in the article.


I haven’t seen ravager yet. I came here to say, but got lost in my head, thank you for that essay. You may have explained my unexplainable attraction to Phantasm.


Glad you enjoyed my scribblings!


Damnit, like I didn’t have enough to watch, already. * shakes fist at you * Awesome essay.


This thing kept me awake at night.


Thanks (I think) for bringing it back to the forefront Dr Mindy!


BTW I just saw a Tall Man carrying this book:






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