New CC licenses: tighter, shorter, more readable, more global


Seriously though, it’s good news. CC licenses are so handy, both as a creator and user of stuff. Any improvements are awesome.

Do any legal boffins know the core difference between a CC license and an MIT license? My assumption is that the latter is more about granting usage (and it still being covered under standard copyright), but this seemed like a good time to ask.


I think that CC licenses are more concerned with creative works - like images and books, and that the MIT license is more to do with software - I wouldn’t really want to use the CC-BY-SA on my software, or MIT on my image, because the MIT license assumes the licensed work is software and the CC licenses are more focused on creative things - they don’t have any software specific wording.

I generally prefer the MIT license, as it’s simpler and allows for more use of the work, as well as relicensing or inclusion in other projects that use different licenses.

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Good point. I interact with CC when working with imagery, and MIT when working with code; hadn’t considered the specific nature of the MIT license.

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Found out about this yesterday. Went to check out the new shinies. And suddenly had the realization that I wanted the flexibility to occasionally choose a license that didn’t require attribution but couldn’t because one hasn’t existed in a long time. Maybe it’s because too many people were selecting it on accident but seriously. Only option is to CC0 it–which I do sometimes (but mostly as coverage for the fact that not all regions respect Public Domain).

I suppose if I don’t care about attribution it’s kind of hard to care that hard about the other aspects of the license I could apply. Still kind of annoying though.

Anyway, I’ve apparently gone this long without it so now’s not the time to complain about it. Hurrah for new spiffiness.

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Amazon’s free KDP ebooks have wiped out the literary creative commons. The “free” ebooks helped sell more Kindle readers. Meanwhile the CC space has withered as authors shifted to KDP to Ponzi their way onto the charts.

At we have tried to feature the best CC books, but find fewer are being released. And some are vanishing to be rereleased on Amazon.

As I understand it, the reason was low demand. Under the current licenses you are still allowed to waive the attribution requirement. In practice that is probably good enough for most people who care about compliance in the first place and prefer not to attribute.

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