New Consumers Union report catalogs the potential collateral damage from the crypto wars


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crypto wars

Good name for a band.


Not to mention, “collateral damage”.


What crypto wars? All I’ve seen is lots of politicians and cops demanding something that’s mathematically impossible. They may as well demand that pi become three. Even if they stamp their feet really hard, that’s not a war.

In fact, there’s no chance they’re ever going ot get what they want. Strong crypto is already embedded in so many systems, it can’t be banned, short of turning off the internet (and the computers at your bank.)


Didn’t “report catalogs” open for “the potential” and them at the New Consumers Union show? :wink:


It’s mathematically impossible not physically impossible.

They could put you in jail for contempt until you add a second LEO key to your software :frowning:


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